One day I walked out of the Hart Senate Office Building after meeting with the HUD power brokers. I reflected on the others in the waiting area of the senior Senator’s office this morning and the greetings they got from the Senator’s staff. Like so many times before, they wore expensive suits and were professional lobbyists. They were welcome, citizen lobbyists like us were tolerated.

After four years of citizen lobbing of Congress for the Half-Homeless, the inescapable observation I made was;

I want to go back to work in my field, I want to do things that really help people and don't require an act of Congress!

So now, I am living in San Francisco, trained up on Salesforce's Einstein and IBM's Watson. And with my friend Matt Pinfield  are    Launching Lemons2

Jess Jessop

Founder and CEO

​Jess is a Silicon Valley Original.

He has been called the

Forest Gump of the

Computer Revolution



Jess Jessop Half-Homeless Advocate

Jess was the CEO of,'s Marketplace partner. Following the Dot Com bubble bursting in 2001, he found himself Living in a Hippy Bus on the side of the road.


          The Solstice Bus

​Being the Forrest Gump type character he is, this soon became a National & International News item. He and his son's were interviewed many times in Santa Barbara where he was an active supporter and member of the Safe Parking Program. ​PBS California Connected Interview

Jess and his sons soon decided to promote the program with Thomas doing a Coast-2-Coast Bicycle Ride.


After completing the ride in St Petersburg Flordia they decided to go to Washington D.C.,another 1,000 miles, to try and get the Federal Government to help. This led to Thomas riding his bicycle Coast to Coast 4 Times and Lobbing Every Office of Congress year after year.

After more then 20,000 miles ridden for the Half-Homeless, when Thomas was 18, they parked the Bus at the South Lake Tahoe so that Thomas could attend Lake Tahoe Community College.  

Jess decided it was time to go back to work, founding Lemons2 in the bus on December 28th, 2015. Realizing he needed to be in the Silicon Valley he bought an old motorhome and drove to Mountain View. Once again finding himself on the evening news.

​​Jess now lives in a beautiful home on Treasure Island in San Francisco. He is still an advocated for the Half-Homeless, promoting Safe Parking Programs. He admins the Facebook group    Peninsula Half-Homeless

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