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The information will not be shared with anyone not on the staff of Lemons2, SAMHSA or MHA of NYC. Unless in the judgement of Lemons2 there is a life-threatening situation. In which case your use of this site is your acceptance and permission for us to share your information with law enforcement and other first responders.
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We create individual profiles with the information you provide to provide you with better service, it how we get to know you. Lemons2 Conserurges and Lemonade Making Professionals have limited visibility to this information, at your discretion, in order to provide you the highest level of service. We do not sell or give it to any other organizations.
The e-mail material, including your e-mail address and/or name will be correlated and linked to the material that is automatically collected as described above. This information will not be shared with or sold to anyone except as described above in a Life Threatening Situation. The only exceptions to above would be pursuant to a bona fide Court Order.
We do collect information for commercial marketing.

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Consider your suggestions.
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Try and answer your questions if you ask them.

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If you have any questions about Lemons2 privacy policy, please feel free to

Contact Us.

The DIY Center provides information about legal, medical, financial, mental health and also has information on many types of Personal Problems for our Users and their families, policymakers, providers, the media, and the public.

Our staff members are skilled at listening and responding to questions from the public and professionals. They quickly direct callers to Federal, State, and local organizations dedicated to treating and preventing mental illness. The Information Center Our Web site will sometimes link to another website that is not owned or operated by Lemons2. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site. This includes the sites that you may link to through our search engine.

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